montana rising bk 1 coverMontana Rising: Wordplay

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What’s the story about?

Montana Rising is a mild-mannered—okay not mild, but at least well-mannered—teacher by day, avid Scrabble player by early evening, and fast asleep by 10pm. Unless she’s up writing a fantastical story using all the words played in a particularly good Scrabble game. But after her granddaughter brings home a frightened friend, Monti’s life starts reading more like a crime drama than a romantic comedy. How will she write her Scrabble story to a satisfying “Happily Ever After” conclusion? And how can she get her own sweet life back when the situation is spiraling dangerously out of control?

The novel includes the story Monti is writing in alternate chapters. Both stories explore endurance, perseverance, faith as the bedrock for living, and growing a good marriage even through overwhelming difficulties.

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