About LeeAnn

Ancient History:

Born an Air Force brat, LeeAnn married an Army brat who couldn’t give up the life. After decades of flitting about the globe as she grew up and then with her husband, Zack, she and he settled in Idaho for 20 years, where LeeAnn home schooled their kids all the way into college. After those kids decided to grow up and have their own lives, she and Zack abandoned the empty northern nest for tropical Maui and a long-overdue extended honeymoon! Maui was delicious. LeeAnn worked her online day job, grew things she could never grow in Idaho, led the Maui Christian Writers group and directed the church choir.


Recent Developments:

Zack and LeeAnn got involved in their church’s missions group, and one thing led to another until the church (Kihei Baptist Chapel) sent them to Saipan as missionaries!

LeeAnn still has her online day job (part-time now, yay!) and is learning to love heat and humidity—a thing she never thought possible. She writes as much as she can, hoping to encourage women to persevere through difficulties, and live a joyful life of faith, hope and love.
LeeAnn has been writing since she discovered that telling stories was as much fun as reading them, if exponentially harder. She’s written innumerable obscure online articles and columns, and has had articles published in several magazines.
Montana Rising, Wordplay is her first novel (not counting the inevitable first first novel which will likely never escape from her hard drive).