At home in Saipan

LauLau Bay from our balconyA whirlwind month we have just had! My husband accepted a job transfer from Hawaii to Saipan at the end of December. He had to report for work in just over a month. We came on mission to help plant a church, and God got us here far sooner than we’d been planning!
We did not hire a moving company, but sold off or gave away everything that wouldn’t fit in a box, and mailed 78 parcels to ourselves. At the outset this seemed a simple proposition, as we’d done the same thing moving from Idaho to Hawaii four years ago. However, this time each box had to be measured, weighed, and labeled with a detailed customs form. But this tedious process turned out to have a bright silver lining, in that as we went I numbered the boxes and made a detailed list of the contents of each one. We’ve been referring to that list ever since!

Everything else involved in setting up our life here has been packed with unexpected challenges, made easier by the lovely people, without exception friendly and willing to help far beyond what I’d grown to expect in mainland USA.

I’ll offer some insights on moving across the ocean soon. For now, I’m happy to share the view out my third-floor balcony window.

2 thoughts on “At home in Saipan

    1. Hi Robbie,
      We have now been here about 4 1/2 months, and we are loving it! There are some major adjustments to make, depending on your current lifestyle, the climate you are used to, your medical care needs, need for luxuries and specific foods and your general outlook on life. But the fact that you said ‘retirement adventure’ is encouraging! It will definitely be an adventure. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have, to the best of my ability. I know current online information about Saipan is scarce.

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