one tiny step: choosing my author photo

It’s more like a teeny-tiny baby step, perhaps. But with mush-for-brains at the end of my work day, it feels like a significant accomplishment to get this done! Montana Rising, Wordplay, must have a little picture on the back and here it is. Thanks to my hubby Zack for taking a zillion pics for me to choose from.  What do you thinbest-2016-author-pick? I realize God is going pretty heavy on the platinum highlights in the front these days, but that’s how it grows.

Next up, the author bio, in several different lengths. Nothing teeny-tiny about that task! First, think of me as she…and go from there.


Today’s Milestone: ordered proofs of Montana Rising

I still can’t quite believe I get to mark that off my list.

I’ve been writing this story since…at least 2010? That’s the oldest file I can find, but I’ve changed computers and software so many times I could have started even before that. It’s beginning to feel real…

Photo by J’Ram DJ

My plan was to use my proofs as ARCs for my beta readers. But, I was only allowed to order five copies. This means I’ll have only four to share out and those are instantly gone (if only I could remember who I’ve promised one to, besides my mom). I’ll shift to ebooks for betas. I hope my Maui Christian Writers sweeties will be okay with that!

Anyone reading this who has already successfully navigated this journey is probably shaking her head at the mistakes I’m making, but oh well! The advice on how to publish as an Indie Author is many things, including overwhelming, conflicting, vague, inapplicable, indecipherable, expensive, outdated and–occasionally–helpful. And like me, it’s scattered. So far, there has not been anything remotely efficient about the whole thing. But I am learning everyday and loving the adventure!

Now back to CreateSpace to look at marketing channels, and then to my Amazon Success ToolKit, bring the laundry in off the link, send a note to my brother (who is designing my cover, thanks ever so much, Greg!), think about dinner, work on the blog…I’d better go make a list.

Book Launch for Maui Christian Writers Member


A few friends and I  started Maui Christian Writers somewhat less than two years ago. Our goal is to encourage one another as we write the stories that are on our hearts, as we research and build books to help people, and always to bring glory to God. Now one of our founding members, Susan M. Robinson, has published her first novel, Accused a Traitor. (It’s good, you should read it!)

Bonnie Aleman, a friend from church, opened her house and threw a book signing party for Susan. In grand Hawaiian style, we ate pupus and talked story before giving Susan the floor. She read to us from Accused a Traitor, told us about her writing journey, and graciously signed copies for all of us eager to buy the book and find out what happens next!

All of our Maui Christian Writers members have at least one project in the hopper. Koni is editing an heirloom manuscript written by her grandmother, and writing a historical novel of her own. Karen is researching health and diet ideas, and collecting them into a simple, practicable guide. Joy, an occasional member, has her own fantasy project in its early stages.

And I have finally finished the first draft of my Montana Rising novel, and am now working through the second draft. I hope to finish the revisions by the end of the year, and then to begin asking select people to read it and provide helpful feedback. (Untrammeled enthusiasm will also be welcomed.)