The Rule about Playing Scrabble

Scrabble Weather

Back in the day…my husband and I had a rule. We could play Scrabble on any day there was snow on the ground. This meant maybe 250 days out of an average year were fair game for gaming.

We made this rule so as to discipline ourselves during the summer.

Summer…that fleeting, uncertain, golden moment on the north Idaho calendar when you felt your bones begin to thaw…summer was for building. And gardening. And repair and maintenance on the buildings and the garden. No time for Scrabble!

Fast forward a few years to 2013. We moved to the tropics.

Not Scrabble Weather

We took our Scrabble board with us of course, but in the land of perennial summer, we needed a new rule. We decided that any day it rained, we could play Scrabble. For our first four years in the Finally and Completely Thawed latitudes, we lived on Maui. In Kihei, mostly, where it rarely rains. And I mean less than 7 inches per year. Our Scrabble games were few and far between, but that was okay because though there was no building to be done, there was year-round gardening! And snorkeling and scuba and hiking and whale watching and swimming and luaus and island hopping and beach-combing and sunbathing and all manner of after-work-and-on-the-weekends adventuring to do.

Saipan Scrabble Weather

Then we moved further west, to Saipan. Hotter. Wetter. It rains here year-round. In the dry season you might get only a brief shower every couple of days. During the rest of the year, you get real rain almost every day to add up to the average 79 inches per year. Lots and lots of Scrabble days! We love to go adventuring here, too, but when it’s too stinkin’ hot, or we’re too sunburned or tired (we keep getting older!) we can almost always say, “Hey, it’s raining/it rained this morning/this afternoon/during the night, let’s play Scrabble!”

I love that rule.

Not story worthy

I take a picture of every Scrabble game board now, because that is where I got the idea for Montana Rising. I file the pics away in a ‘possible stories’ file. But not all of them—some of the stories that flow into my head from the boards are not ones I want to write. Like this one. Yuck. But the next one might be great!

Wait…is it raining?